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Municipal Engineering

Demand Analysis
With the improvement of LED material technology and crafts, the market scale of LED electronic display is under rapid increase. The application proportion of LED display is expanding day by day in areas such as outdoor advertising, banks, securities markets, communities, highways, elevated roads. LED information releasing display system is a set of professional digital media remote playback control system, which is mainly composed of 4 parts, namely digital media control management system, digital media control playback system, network platform and LED display. The unique master software is perfected combined with master server, with higher reliability and operability than traditional playback management software. LED information releasing display system can provide rich and various multi-media combination playback modes such as videos, audios, pictures and subtitles (scrolling subtitles). What’s more, it can achieve flexible combination playback of real-time information and local hard disk information, meeting diversified demands in terms of time combination and space combination, with easy management and convenient usage as a new generation of LED information releasing system.
System Structure

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