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Comprehensive Supervision Emergency Rescue Command Center for Safety Production is a center of informatization supervision management, which combines functions of information, rescue, command, supervision, and monitor & control, providing information safeguard and decision-making support for various kinds of emergency incidents such as safety production management and emergency rescue. High resolution information display of rescue map, on-site image and emergency rescue is required to provide help for leader’s decision-making at the time of emergency rescue command.

Command dispatching system is a complex system integrating communication, command, control and information, a command dispatching place for ensuring public safety and handling public emergency incident, major incident and emergency management. Through large-screen display control system, large information, high data flow and multi-channel monitor are presently flexibly and conveniently in an informative, accurate and efficient integrated information display interface for sharing information and unified command & dispatch, so as to ensure that the entire command system is with co-movement, efficiency and completeness.

As a complete video wall, small spacing series display from BRILLIANTOPTO is used to display high resolution image and restore on-site scene. At the same time, it supports multi-channel signal access, with processed picture as window pattern magnified on display wall by zooming, narrowing and roaming at any position, providing intuitive and rapid modern methods for making all kinds of decisions.
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