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Traffic Guidance

Demand Analysis

※ Representing green energy, LED display got strong support from government departments, widely used in stations, banks, information dispatching display media and used for information transmission display of trips, finance and dispatch.
※ LED information display screen system can adapt to important contents such as accelerating the development of new tasks in service industry, accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, promoting the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.
※ LED information display screen system can adapt to new ways of resource-saving and friendly environment development, strengthening energy and resource conservation as well as ecological environment protection, enhancing sustainable development capacity, emphasizing a more important role of saving land, reducing energy consumption and protecting environment, achieving a better and faster development with minimum resource consumption and environmental cost.
※ LED information display system can adapt to new requirements of building an innovative country, actively promoting concept innovation, scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation and policy innovation.
※ LED information display screen system can adapt to new changes of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, giving further play to the role of lead and support, narrowing the gap of public service between regions, as well as urban and rural area, promoting the equalization of basic public service.
※ LED information display screen system can adapt to new demands of socio-economic development, improving the level of export-oriented economy, making logistics, talent flow and information flow more active, safer, more economical, more reliable and more efficient, achieving coordinated development between scale, speed & quality as well as benefit.

System Structure

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