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Demand Analysis

The multifunctional modern gym can not only be used to holding different kinds of sports competition, but also to holding different kinds of large-scale cultural activities and rallies. Therefore, requirement on led display content can be richness, diversity and real-time. With the continuous development and improvement of LED display application technology, LED display has become an essential supporting facility for modern sports stadiums.

Brilliantopto’s Sports Stadium LED display is specially designed LED display product as to special application requirement of sports stadium. It is mainly used in commercial ads, exciting scenes, slow motion playback, close-ups, etc., to bring perfect visual enjoyment to the audience. Brilliantopto provides high-quality displays for all types of sports events. LED video image processors can unlimitedly achieve real-time communication, management and integration of dynamic display contents (such as video record, time, texts, graphics, animation and scoreboard systems), achieving multi-window display via software partition function, simultaneously displaying images, texts, clocks and match scores. It enhances brand identity for sports sponsors and organizers by presenting unparalleled video quality, outstanding color performance and live event broadcasting. When presenting promotional information, it also ensures every audience the most exciting on-site competition and perfection.
System Structure

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