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Commercial Advertising

Demand Analysis

As a new type of media propagating method, LED advertising display has become a new force in advertising media industry, with requirement on features such as high-definition quality, high brightness, vivid color, distinct image, innovative design and image synchronization, to stand out from mass advertising information, giving visual stimulation inadvertently to the audience, capturing audience's attention, so as to complete communication of news information products through cross media with multi patterns, presenting a more diversified information experience to readers in digital decade, achieving brand-owners’ advertising demand and reaching ideal brand promotion effect.

As a domestically well-known LED advertising display producer, Brilliantopto provides a package of effective services as to customers’ individual demand, including pre-design, production, installation, configuration, after-sales, etc. LED display from Brilliantopto can operate stably. At the same time, it can maintain good display effect within a relatively long period of time, including color display, brightness, contrast, gray scale and uniformity, so as to achieve maximum advertising value.
System Structure

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