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Stage Background

Demand Analysis

With technology innovation and development of LED display, LED rental display is frequently used in large events such as stage background, bar entertainment, wedding ceremony, music theater and conference. The stability of the LED rental display plays a crucial role in the complete process, especially rental series used in live events.

In order to achieve a variety of display effects, we often need to transform the splicing shapes of LED rental display, with required features of being light & thin, convenient installation & maintenance and extra-high stability.

Brilliantopto follows closely the requirement of LED rental performance market, comprehensively launching LED die-casting aluminum cabinets. It is not only a simple upgrade from traditional die-casting aluminum cabinets, the structure and performance undergo a comprehensive optimization and update. This kind of LED rental display adopts compact rental display made of patenting die-cast aluminum cabinet. Cabinet is with high-precision splicing, easy disassembly & installation as well as convenient maintenance.

As a LED rental display with custom-made design of die-casting aluminum cabinet, its important features lie on light, thin and fast installation, which is applicable to big-size rental and fixed installation occasions due to its lightly-thin cabinet, fast installation, removal and transportation. It is processed via synchronous control system, accepting different kinds of video input signals such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite and YUV, displaying different kinds of information such as video, graphic with real-time, synchronous, clear information transmission way and vivid color as well as strong adaptability.
System Structure

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