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After-sales service

Our company has special person and service direct line responsible for customer’s telephone consultation, visit and repair report. Reported equipment failure situation will be written down in details and arranged for maintenance work; customer service department is composed of experienced engineer and technician as well as technical workers, having the ability to undertake all tasks concerning repair and maintenance of software and hardware of LED display.

After getting to know reported failure situation in details through after-sales service hotline, corresponding forms will be fill out and submitted to relevant staff for appointing maintenance personnel to make preparation. Maintenance personnel will get a further understanding of customer’s device failure situation according to recorded condition on previous form. They will prepare necessary and sufficient spare parts, bring professional equipment and go to customer’s place.
Maintenance personnel can arrive at on-site location within 2 hours after receiving repair call and finish maintenance work within 4 hours, to make sure that devices resume normal operation. Maintenance personnel will conduct a thorough inspection and maintenance on resumed devices and eliminate hidden dangers (if there is); Maintenance personnel will introduce repair and maintenance condition to customers before finishing their work, asking opinions from customers; maintenance personnel must write down maintenance record and save it as customer’s file after finishing their work. Our after-sales service department will do follow-up visit on customers, taking customer’s advice on after-sales service in order to improve after-sales service and provide personalized service.

We will keep getting customer’s feedback, process and solve related issues in time. After passing inspection and acceptance, after-sales service dept. will pay a fixed visit to customers whether having any maintenance reporting record or not. It includes at least one-time monthly drop-in visit, maintaining regular communication with users and understanding customers' problems during using products, so as to provide better service to customers and have extensive discussions with customers on better system optimization solutions.

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