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Product Parameters
Pixel Pitch                                      6mm
Pixel Configuration                      1R1G1B
Module Resolution                      32*32
Module Size                                   192*192mm
Driving Mode                                  1/8 Scan, Constant Current
Refresh Rate                                  ≥400Hz,max2000Hz
Brightness of white balance       ≥1500 Nits
  • Smooth surface, well brightness mixed, vivid images, fluent video, wide viewing angle.
  • Easy-to-operate and completely networkable.
  • Modular construction can be scaled up to any size
  • Five-year limited factory depot parts warranty
  • Flexible communication options (Fiber Optic, RS232, RS485,TCP/IP, WIFI)
  • Meet CSA,ANSI/UL,EMC-CE and ROSH Standards.



Technical Specification





Pixel pitch:  6mm

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

Brightness:   Red: 1000mcd   Green: 2300mcd   Blue: 600mcd           

Wave length:  Red: 625±2nm  Green: 525±2nm  Blue: 470±2nm

Module resolution:  32×16 pixels



Module size: 192mmx96mm

Cabinet size:  960mm×960mm×110mm





Cabinet resolution: 25599 pixels

Cabinet material: Steel

Gross weight: 40kg

Module quantity: 50 pcs= 5(w) x 10(h)

Power consumption : Max.:800W/m²    Average: 500W/m²











Screen parameter

Drive method:  1/4 Constant Current

Brightness: 4500cd/m²

IC driver: MBI 5024GF

Density: 27777 pixel/m²

Whole display flatness: ≤ 1mm juncture

Best view distance: ≥ 5m 

Viewing angle:  Horizontal:   140°       Vertical:  90°

Humidity(RH): ≤ 90~95%

Working temperature: from -30°C~ +60°C

Working voltage: AC220V/110V±20%

Refresh frequency:  2400Hz(Zdec)  ≥ 300Hz(Linsn)

Frame rate: ≥ 540Hz

Protection grade: IP45

MTBF: More than 10000hrs

Life time: 100,000 hrs



Control system

Control system: Linsn

Signal interface: DVI/LAN

Communication distance: Internet cable: ≤120m / Fiber cable: 1000m

Systems operating platforms : XP,WINDOWS(WIN95,WIN98,WIN2000)