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Traffic LED Screen

Published:2014-10-23 18:55:25

1. The screen is full consideration for outdoor usage with higher brightness and viewing angle,  providing clear information for drivers under fog rainy weather.

2. Equipping with intelligent control system, which enables automatic road information process and release, brightness control, temperature and humidity adjustment, supervision and warning for circulating condition.

3. The utilization of built-in wireless data transmission module helps achieve GPRS/3G long-distance real-time traffic information.

4. The sensitive control system automatically regulates the display’s brightness in accordance with the changes of sunlight, energy saving and reducing running costs.

5. Our outdoor product with IP65 protection level, which enables display working under rainy days. Provide more comfortable viewing of information.

6. Traffic led screen make it possible to control transport flows in peak hours, allowing traffic in certain segments, changing speed limits based on weather conditions, warning of children going to school, etc.