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NBA sports LED2

Published:2014-7-9 16:09:32


Used in various sports venues, such as football stadium LED screen, basketball hall LED display, LED fence screen for advertising and real-time matches live broadcasting.

Functional Effects

1. The broadcasting of commercial advertisement adds brilliance to live match’s present splendor. Perfect picture and sound effect make a better game atmosphere and more shocking match scene.

2. Introducing players and presenting real-time game scene. Large and clear live game scenes break the restriction of seats and provide easier far-distance watching.

3. Connecting referee system, timing and scoring system. LED display can play game time and score in real time.

4. Slow-motion playback becomes the basis for the referee to make the right judgment, maintaining fairness and justice of play, reducing unnecessary conflict.

5. Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, close-up shot, giving audience a perfect visual feast.

Project Features

1. Adjustable angle design, rapid adjustment of the tilt angle of cabinet (65 ° ~ 90 °) to achieve the best viewing angle of the scene requirements

2. Using soft mask and retaining top design, flexibly defusing powerful impact, not only protecting the LED but effectively preventing athletes from being hurt by the impact

3. High refresh rate and high grey level make LED display more realistic

4. Adopting high-efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reducing the signal delay phenomenon caused by long transmission distance on the football field, to ensure the consistency of screen play

5. Having dual network cable with the function of hot backup and two computers simultaneously control a screen. When there is any problem with one computer, the other computer automatically takes it over, ensuring screen to work normally.

6. Equipping with exclusive court playing software, allowing you to easily manage scores, program playback, ads broadcast and edit program table

7. Brand new hoisting structure, effectively regulating splicing gap when screen hoisting installation

8. Good water-proof effect with IP65 protection level, enabling screen to continue to work for you in rainy weather

9. Adopting front-maintenance design, convenient for late maintenance

10. Customize the most appropriate screen solution according to customers requirements and site environment