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1. In order to decrease defect rate, we improve sectors in terms of lamp and aging.

For electronic products, generally speaking, if aging time is guaranteed, there will be no problems after aging period.

2. Modules for spare using.

Spare modules/boards are mainly used for ensuring timely replacement of defected products and to the maximum extent guaranteeing normal working of led displays for customers.

3. About spare parts: provide spare parts that are relatively tended to be problematic such as lamps and chips for board maintenance.

It requires customers to have some knowledge about electric circuits.

We can also provide remote assistance and related training data for guidance.

4. If customers do maintenance in their own countries, we can give fairly enough discounts for compensation. Or we can do maintenance for free within period of quality warranty, but transportation fee should be evenly covered by both sides. (Customers cover the freight for sending back goods to our company while we cover the freight for sending back to customers).

In the present, our products are mainly exported to Turkey, Germany, Spain, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, etc. Especially Turkey, the amount for one month almost reaches 60,000pcs.

Only long-term cooperation can make us both profitable. For long-term cooperation, we have to go back to those principles of doing things: integrity management and mutual benefit. Even for a strategic partnership, we have to jointly face and solve problems, then grow together and do the market well.